Paso Robles Wineries

The list below are my notes on the wineries of Paso Robles that I've visited. Visit my blog for a history of the region and an overview of the wine styles commonly found here. It will help to read those two posts before selecting wineries to visit. It will also help you to gain a deeper appreciation for the region. Paso Robles wine country is the fastest growing AVA, with nearly 300 new wineries being established in the last 30 years. It’s also a place where adventurous spirits come to make exciting wine blends. If I had to summarize what you'll find here, I’d say you can largely expect to find these categories of wine:

  • Rhone blends like Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, Tannat, Roussanne, Cincault, etc
  • Bordeaux blends but mostly Cabernet, a small amount of Cab Franc
  • Zinfandels and Zin blends
  • Italian varietals
  • Innovative, Paso-specific blends… ok, a bit of everything! 🤣

Below find my brief notes on each winery (with included judgmental opinions where I couldn't help myself). Except where noted, tasting outdoors was available during pandemic. Reservations are required in advance for any visit.

Adelaida Vineyards

  • Location: North-West
  • Production: 15K cases per year
  • Avg bottle price: $30-60
  • Varietals: Old Vine Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rhone varietals, Portugeuse varietals, also have Chardonnay. They really do mix it up. Known for their Cab
  • Winemaking style: Middle-of-the-road, neither overly lean nor big “just right”
  • What makes them special: Adelaida is one of the oldest wineries in the area. They are a great stop for a nice well rounded style of wine and type of grape variety. I love that they have old vine pinots, the vines are from 1964 and are the oldest on the Central Coast!
  • My impressions: These wines really spoke to my palate and I very much enjoyed every wine that I tried. Lovely estate and tasting room, you can sit on the outdoor patio overlooking the vineyards and feel really far away from the world. I enjoy how they offer so much variety in terms of varietals. I thought their Cabernet Sauvignon at $50 was a fantastic value!
  • Favorite wine: Mourvèdre and Pinot Noir

Austin Hope

  • Location: West Side
  • Production: They don’t disclose this number but I have a guess... The focus for Austin Hope is that they remain limited production with minimal distribution (only the Cab is distributed).
  • Avg bottle price: $40-70
  • Varietals: Rhone blends, but famous for their Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Winemaking style: Somewhat big and fruit forward and ripe. Not over the top. Appeals well to typical American consumer palate. The reds can be drunk younger than most Napa reds as they are a bit more fruit forward and tannins are softer.
  • What makes them special: Their $56 Cabernet won Wine Enthusiast’s top 10 wines of the world in 2017; the first time a Paso Robles wine landed in the top 100. I love this Cab! The reserve is even more special but if you can drink one of the best for just $56 why wouldn’t you? UPDATE: The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon just won the #7 spot on Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Wines for this year!
  • My impressions: I love this style of wine! This was one of my favorite visits. The tasting room and outdoor space is very comfortable and trendy. I’d return often!
  • Favorite wine: Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, but the regular is really nice too, I've heard the Cab Franc is fantastic as well (but haven't tried yet)

Booker Wines

  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 8K cases per year, no distribution
  • Avg bottle price: $50-85
  • Varietals: Mostly Rhone but also some Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Winemaking style: Winemaking style: Somewhat big and fruit forward and ripe. Not over the top. Appeals well to typical American consumer palate. The reds can be drunk younger than most Napa reds as they are a bit more fruit forward and tannins are softer. These are done in a style similar to chateauneuf du pape wines of the Rhone.
  • What makes them special: They have big Bordeaux style wines
  • My impressions: The brand and the location are both in a state of transition right now. The tasting room is along a dirt road adjacent to a new tasting room that is under construction and new vineyards that are being planted. So currently the views are rather sparse, but I’d expect the tasting experience to be pretty impressive in another year. As they just sold one of their labels to a conglomerate, it’s unclear how that will effect the Booker brand and wines. I hope they are able to keep the brand and small production aspect of Booker intact!
  • Favorite wine:

Brecon Estates

  • Location: North-West
  • Production: 3K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $40-70
  • Varietals: Bordeaux varietals, known in particular for their Cabernet Franc and Albarino (which I know is not a Bordeaux varietal). They also produce several wines using Rhone varietals though.
  • Winemaking style: Brecon reds lean toward the the bigger, bolder, fruitier and higher alcohol end of the spectrum, but not overly. Almost jammy but not too much. Still plenty of complexity, earthiness to the wines.
  • What makes them special: Established in 2012, owner and senior winemaker, Welshman Damian Grindly intends to keep the winery small by design. They've no interest in chasing awards and growing large. They even change up the recipes for the wines (even those that have industry acclaim) each year! So you'll never see the wines in your local grocery store, they are only sold through the tasting room. If you want to learn about these wines, you'll have to make a visit (or follow me and join a virtual tasting!) Mwhahaha!
  • My impressions: Brecon wines were among my favorites because I really like the big, full bodied style in which they are made. The feel at the tasting room is wonderful: after crossing a charming foot bridge from the parking lot, you're surrounded by overhanging trees and vineyards as you sip on wine outside their newly build but rustic and elegant tasting room and production facilities. So this was definitely among my favorite stops: for the wine and the ambiance.
  • Favorite wine: Zinfandel/Tannat blend is my fave if I'm on a budget, if not then I'd spring also for the Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Franc. Oh and the Mourvèdre.

Bushong Vintage Company

  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 1200 cases/year, wines only available through tasting room
  • Avg bottle price: $30-50
  • Varietals: Rhone Style blends
  • Winemaking style: Not overly ripe, extracted, jammy, or austere. I love their middle-of-the-road style!
  • What makes them special: The first interesting think you'll notice about Bushong wines are the labels, which are created by a variety of local artists. They are gorgeous! Though to be honest, I find what's inside the bottle much more a work of art. I'm fascinated by this brand. While they specialize in wines made from Rhone varietals like Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah, winemaker Jason Bushong also dabbles in an Albarino, a Pinot Noir, a sweet Cream Sherry, and a sparkling off-dry Gewurtztraminer! There's no pinning him down.
  • My impressions: I really loved my visit at Bushong! Tasting through all the interesting wines was a real treat. The wines weren't overly lean or overly extracted, they were all nicely balanced. There was also so much variety in flavors and styles - my palate didn't get too tired or confused. For example we moved from a medium bodied bright and acidic Pinot Noir to a Tannat full of fig and blueberry and cocoa flavors and big tannins to a solera-made NV cream sherry. It was a delightful adventure!
  • Favorite wine: Loved the sherry. And the Albarino. And the Tannat.


  • Location: Far East
  • Production: 10-15K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $40-80
  • Varietals: Rhone ++
  • Winemaking style: Middle-of-the-road, neither overly lean nor big “just right”. Bright fruit forward reds.
  • What makes them special: They have a restaurant, archery & horseback riding on site.
  • My impressions: This was the only East Side winery that I visited on my first trip to Paso. I enjoyed the wines and liked that they had archery, horseback riding and a cafe available. The cafe food was just mediocre though. I'd recommend lunching elsewhere. Service wasn't very accommodating (I asked for outdoor seating during the pandemic and was denied that until I showed email proof of confirmation) or knowledgeable about the wines (server didn't know production volume or winemakers name or abv on any of the wines) and the atmosphere was not befitting the price of the wines. So I didn't relish the experience however I did like the wines. Some might find the atmosphere pleasant and "unassuming" I think the service experience tainted my impressions LOL
  • Favorite wine: Mourvèdre Reserve: I'd have bought this wine if I didn't think it was a tad overpriced ($70+). It's made in a rather lighter style than other Mourvèdres that I tried, almost reminiscent of a Pinot Noir with some Jolly Rancher and bright red fruit flavors.

Clos Solene

  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 3K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $60-100
  • Varietals: Rhone varietals, Paso blends
  • Winemaking style: The wines were elegant but big at the same time. Winemaker Guillaume Fabre is doing some things he could not do in his native France by blending both Bordeaux and Rhone varietals into something wholly different. I'd call the body on most of the wines medium but the flavor full of bright fruit, smokiness, earthiness, even a bit meaty on the bigger blends. But overall very balanced and elegant while still not a wallflower.
  • What makes them special: Clos Solene is an interesting story. Guillame, a sixth-generation winemaker from France left his native country to make more interesting and exciting wines. Here he can make premium Paso blends!
  • My impressions: The estate is simply gorgeous, as you sit among their newly planted and grafted vines a rolling hills. The setting compliments the wines and the tasting experience which is always private.
  • Favorite wine: Loved all the reds!


  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 500-1500 cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $40-60
  • Varietals: Rhone varietals
  • Winemaking style: The wines were elegant but big at the same time. I'd call the body on most of the wines medium but the flavor full of bright fruit, smokiness, earthiness, even a bit meaty on the bigger blends. But overall very balanced and elegant while still not a wallflower.
  • What makes them special: Wine is made by a husband and wife team who left their native India for the US back in the 1980s. Tired of working in tech, winemaker Varinder Sahi enrolled in UC Davis in 2015 to become a winemaker. Then in just 5 short years, he's already producing nationally recognized and highly rated wines! This is a winery to watch!
  • My impressions: I really enjoyed the big but elegant wines, the tasting room is easy to reach in their downtown location but they're working on their estate as we speak. Enjoyed my conversation with co-owner Anita as I sipped their wines al fresco. Lovely!
  • Favorite wine: The Story: a Grenache blend with a floral, plum and pepper nose and nice long red & black fruit finish with added complexity of vanilla and oak influence. JD & WE 91pts.

Field Recordings

  • Location: Tin City
  • Production: 30K cases
  • Avg bottle price: $20-30
  • Varietals: Paso blends and unique styles, flagships are Fiction wines and Chenin
  • Winemaking style: Bright fruit flavors, lower abv, acid driven wines. I think of most of these as tasting rather “fresh” and being served cold. Love their PetNats!
  • What makes them special: Field Recordings is rather special for doing interesting things with their “everyday wines”. They aren’t following any particular mold. The wines are meant to be a representation of the terroir and winemaker Andrew Jones sources his grapes from all over!
  • My impressions: These wines are made in a style very different from many others in the area. The flavor profile I can’t really put my finger on other than to say “fresh and serve cold”. I really enjoy that they have so many PetNats (lightly sparkling wines). I’d recommend a stop at Field Recordings for unpretentious and easy wine sipping that won’t break the bank.
  • Favorite wine: PetNats! And I also really enjoy the daily drinking red: Fiction Red.


  • Location: Tin City
  • Production: 4K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $20-50
  • Varietals: Italian varietals
  • Winemaking style: Traditional Italian winemaking style. If you like wines from Italy this is a must!
  • What makes them special: The only winery specializing in Italian varietals that I found on this trip. They are easily accessible in Tin City and are owned and run by husband and wife team Stephanie and Brian Terrizzi. Truly a small production winery! The Terrizzi's missed the wines of their native Italy and thus began this adventure, to capture a bit of the magic of Italy here in Paso Robles.
  • My impressions: Stephanie and Brian also run an Italian market specializing in pastas and other snacks in Tin City that is a great place for a quick bite. I've had several people tell me their Vermentino is their favorite wine, but for me that recommendation is lost as I'm not an Italian wine lover. Alas, they come highly regarded and recommended in the area and are a "must" if you like Italian wines.
  • Favorite wine: Vermentino

Herman Story

  • Location: Downtown
  • Production: 6500 cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $52
  • Varietals: Mostly Rhone varietals
  • Winemaking style: Big big big fruit forward, heavily extracted style. Jammy and high alcohol content. The wines at Herman Story are about as big as you will find. Anywhere. Make this your last stop of the day as your palate will be ruined if you're moving on to another winery.
  • What makes them special: The style, that of an unapologetically big/bold/jammy/oaky wine, defines the wines from Herman Story. Russell From, winemaker, is married to the winemaker of Desperada, another boutique winery in the area. It would be fun to visit both and compare styles.
  • My impressions: With a downtown location, they are easily accessible for a visit and there's plenty of seating outside. I recommend a visit here especially if you love big bold wines! But even that isn't your favorite style, they do pretty much own that style and you might as well calibrate your palate in that direction. =)
  • Favorite wine: Probably one of the less bold ones - Late Bloomer. =)


  • Location: Downtown & far North-West
  • Production: 300K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $70-90
  • Varietals: Bordeaux blends
  • Winemaking style: This luxury brand focuses on bigger jammy reds that are full bodied and smooth.
  • What makes them special: Justin is an iconic luxury brand. For those with a fear of missing out or a need to impress, Justin is a great name to have on the bottle you serve at dinner. But on a less judgemental side ;-) I actually enjoyed their wines, I think they've figured out the American consumer palate.
  • My impressions: I do enjoy the wines and winemaking style of Justin. However I have trouble recommending them due to their massive de-forestation and clear cutting in 2016. They did come under a lot of attack for these actions and make some amends. However I'm still not a fan of supporting a company that thought this was OK when no one was looking. I also don't find anything too special about them as a brand or business when they are owned by Fiji Water company since 2010 and tripled their production in the last 10 years since that acquisition. I feel some quality and attention to detail might have been lost. Lastly, I don't think they need my support so much prefer to put my wine-buy dollars toward other more ethical and interesting pursuits. If you like these wines, I'd encourage you to try Austin Hope. The Austin Hope wines are similarly smooth and fruit forward and drinking so well on release, plus you have the added benefit of drinking from a non-multi-national conglomerate that doesn't clear cut forests when no one is looking.
  • Favorite wine: They were all nice.


  • Location: Downtown & far North-West
  • Production: 8-10K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $60-110
  • Varietals: Rhone & Cab blends
  • Winemaking style: Big, bright fruit flavors with grippy tannins. Not jammy "heavy" fruit but bright! Made to age.
  • What makes them special: Stephan Asseo, owner and winemaker of L'Aventure is credited with being the first in the region to produce the distinctive "Paso Blend": a blend of Rhone and Bordeaux varietals. This was a blend that would not be permitted by the AOC rules in his native France, which is what brought him to Paso Robles! And how lucky we are that it did! He founded the winery in 1998 making them one of the more establish brands in the region (35th winery in Paso).
  • My impressions: L'Aventure makes a premium Paso Blended wine. For $100, their signature reds won't be "everyday drinking wines" for most of us. But for special occasions you can't go wrong with an aged bottle of their Estate Cuvee or Cote a Cote! A visit to the estate is also worthwhile for tasting through their various offerings in a relaxed expansive vineyard setting.
  • Favorite wine: Estate Cuvee.


  • Location: Tin City
  • Avg bottle price: $45
  • Varietals: Known for their Syrah and Grenache
  • Winemaking style: Very big and very extracted and very jammy with tons of oak influence.
  • What makes them special: Winemaker and owner Brett Urness is getting a bit of local industry attention for his wines. Consider him one to watch! Two separate industry contacts recommended I visit Levo for the Chardonnay in particular.
  • My impressions: Located in Tin City, they are an easy walk to other wineries and cider houses as well as other fun tourist stops. The tasting cost and bottle prices are accessible to many budgets. I didn't really care for the wines myself and didn't get much of a chance to chat with the owners but I don't want that to stop anyone else. I hope to give them another visit in a year or two. No outdoor seating was available during pandemic - only inside. I didn't much care for that.
  • Favorite Wine: Chardonnay, but these wines aren’t done in a style that I fully appreciate.

Linne Calodo

  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 5K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $76-95
  • Varietals: Rhone & Zinfandel blends
  • Winemaking style: These are rich, concentrated and full bodied wines.
  • What makes them special: Highly regarded by all of their neighbors for the quality of their wines as well as their minimal intervention farming practices (grapes are dry farmed, low/no oak, native yeasts) Linne Calodo is among the darlings of Paso Wine Country. They are one of the defining brands and flavors that others try to emulate.
  • My impressions: Linne Calodo is a brand I wish I could afford more easily! I recommend a tasting at their estate so you can taste these lovely wines and maybe buy a gift or special occasion wine. They are worth a visit while in the Paso area since they are one of those shaping the overall direction of this region.
  • Favorite wine: They have a bunch of really exciting red blends that I enjoyed, I particularly liked the Zin blends. All of them.

Parrish Family

  • Location: North-West
  • Production: 3K cases/year, sold only from the tasting room
  • Avg bottle price: $30-55
  • Varietals: Bordeaux varietals
  • Winemaking style: Somewhat big and fruit forward and ripe, though not over the top. Appeals well to typical American consumer palate.
  • What makes them special: David Parrish, owner and winemaker got his start in the wine business trellising vines and in fact has over 2 dozen patents for trellising!
  • My impressions: This is a nice stop if you're in the area, the estate is set far off the road and the tastings are done inside or on the porch of a very charming colonial style building. Other than that nothing about the wine or location wow'd me.
  • Favorite wine: Nothing jumped out at me.

Tablas Creek

  • Location: North-West
  • Production: 35K cases / year
  • Avg bottle price: $30-60
  • Varietals: Rhone varietals, flagship wines are the Esprit blends
  • Winemaking style: Acid-driven, lean, light bodied and lower in alcohol
  • What makes them special: Tablas Creek is credited for first discovering how well Rhone grapes would grow in Paso Robles and then bringing the Rhone varietals to the area. Rather than keep the clones to themselves, they started a nursery so all their neighbors could try the plantings. They are quite true to the style and varietals today and you can try single varietal wines (mourvedre, grenache, grenache blanc, roussanne, tannat, etc) of otherwise hard to find Rhone varietals and the “Esprit” blends that they are best known for. In fact, Tablas Creek is now making wine with all 14 recognized Rhone varietals!
  • My impressions: To really understand wine in Paso Robles, you have to start with Tablas Creek. The estate is beautiful and the tasting experience really educational. The wines are highly acclaimed and well an exciting experience if you've never tried some of these varietals.
  • Favorite wine: Mourvedre I think, but all the reds are pretty nice. Best paired with food!


  • Location: West Side
  • Production: 50K cases/year
  • Avg bottle price: $40-80
  • Varietals: Premium Zinfandels
  • Winemaking style: Big and bold Zins from a variety of AVAs, the climate and region play into how the wines ultimately evolve (lighter vs heavier).
  • What makes them special: Something of a cult winery, you can only purchase their wines direct from the tasting room. For a short period during the COVID pandemic their wines were available on an online store but that is no longer available. I guess I should have bought a bottle while I was there! Isn't it funny how much more you want a thing once you can't have it any more!
  • My impressions: I get a little snobby attitude from the brand but the wines are no joke. And I suppose you can be a bit snobby when your wines all sell out even when you aren't trying too hard to sell them!
  • Favorite wine: Not discovered yet…