Favorite Black Owned Wineries

Below is not necessarily a comprehensive a list of US-based black-owned wineries, but all of those I'm aware of. I’ve made notes alongside of the wineries that I have an opinion on or who’s wines I’ve tried. As Black History Month advances, I encourage you to support the wineries on this list! Let me know what your feedback is if you've tried any of these brands! Add to the comments below. 

  1. Theopolis Vineyards - I love Theodora’s wines and have featured her in a recent Black History Month event. Hope to include one of her wines in a future WineSkipping club shipment too. 
  2. Bodkin Wines - Chris Cristenson has made quite a splash with the first Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc in the US! Also featuring Chris’ wine in my BHM event.
  3. Maison Noir Wine - Run by famed somm Andre Hueston Mack, I love this line of wines and particularly his Horseshoes & Hand-grenades red.
  4. Brown Estate - Brown is the first (and only) black owned winery operating out of Napa. Highly respected wines and there is nothing better than their Chaos Theory and Chiles Vineyard Zinfandel! Or the Sauv Blanc or… 
  5. L’Objet Noir - Love the Noir lines of Pinot Noir. Included one of the Pinots them in my recent BHM event. 
  6. Phil Long Longevity - Phil is well known in the wine industry and recently struck a deal with Bronco wines (2nd largest wine producer in the US) for production and distribution. Based on that scale, I can’t support him as a small winery anymore but respect Phil and his wines tremendously. They make a nice skin-contact Pinot Gris. You can probably find Longevity in your local grocery stores. 
  7. Free Range Flower Winery - Yes, wine made from flowers. It’s a different taste altogether. An acquired taste. Not for everyone but worth a try. Female owned and run out of Oakland, CA. Run with support from Phil Long. 
  8. McBride Sisters - This is more of a mass-produced global “wine company” than a winery. I don’t care for their wines and the brand is not one you can connect closely with (no club, no physical location to visit, etc) but you can find them in the grocery store. The sisters do have a very cool story of how they were united though.
  9. Zafa Wines 
  10. Jenny Dawn Cellars
  11. Love Cork Screw (@ Target stores)
  12. Stuyvesant Champagne
  13. Aslina Wines
  14. La Fete Rose
  15. Abbey Creek Vineyards
  16. Wade Cellars
  17. Vision Cellars
  18. Sean Carter & Beyonce Knowles (champagne)
  19. Domaine Curry
  20. Isiah Thomas Champagne
  21. Chris Lyons
  22. Lve Wines
  23. L’Tonya Renee Red Blend
  24. Marie Cesaire
  25. Shoe Crazy Wine
  26. Frichette Winery
  27. Silkbush Mountain Vineyards
  28. Simply Love Wines
  29. Sip and Share Wines
  30. Darjean Wines
  31. Sosabe Wines
  32. Virgo Cellars
  33. J Moss Wines
  34. Kumusha Wines
  35. Ole Orleans Wines
  36. Indigne
  37. Seven Sisters 
  38. Wachia Wines
  39. House of Mandela
  40. Housley Wines (Napa)
  41. KFire (Bertam, TX)
  42. Stover Oaks
  43. Tympany Vineyards
  44. Fog Crest Vineyards
  45. Corner 103
  46. Taste Collection Cellars
  47. Black Coyote (@ Total Wine)
  48. Charles Wine Company
  49. Marbue Marke Wines
  50. Earl Stevens Selection
  51. Myx
  52. M’Hudi
  53. Nyari Cellars
  54. Okapi Vineyards
  55. Charles Woodson Wines
  56. Vina Sympatica
  57. Edelheiss Wines
  58. Esrever Wines
  59. Sadat X