Portola Valley Recommendations

Do you live or travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and wish wine country were closer? It is! Right in Portola Valley (45 mins south of San Francisco, 30 mins north of San Jose) are a number of great wine destinations and even better, this place was made for the outdoors enthusiast. Here are my recommendations for visiting Portola Valley...

  • Food @roberts_market is your perfect oasis for hot food, cold snacks, baked goods, soups, drinks, outside seating, wine, you name it! Other notable eateries: @alpineinnpv and @aliceswoodside
  • Great wineries in the area to visit, some of my favorites (though not all have tasting rooms, you may have to buy at a local market or buy in advance) @neelywine #portolavineyards @thomasfogartywinery @mindegoridge @coopergarrodvineyards @picchettiwinery Check them out, there are so many more! This area tends to specialize in Chards and Pinots.
  • Horseback riding - Besides the horseback riding options at @coopergarrodvineyards you can find other places to pony up, but why bother: wine & horses, am I right?
  • Bicycling - Watch out for cyclists while you're driving! They love this area for the rolling hills, wide lanes, lack of traffic lights, food and amenities.
  • Hiking - besides #windyhillopenspace which is right near @roberts_market there are a ton of other parks and hiking areas to choose from.
  • Art - Where I enjoyed my lunch outside of Roberts Market were all these lovely sculptures to look at! 

So check out Portola Valley! Have you been?

Cheers! 🥂