Wine Club is Live!

I'm now taking a limited number of inaugural WineSkipping wine club members for my September shipment! Be among the first to join me, learn about these wines and small producers in free virtual tasting events. 

I've put together a detailed sign up page to explain how the club works and an FAQ to answer any questions you may have. 

This journey over the last 2 years has been amazing! It started in March 2020 when I got my WSET L2 and the world shut down...

All the in-real-life winery visits I had planned had to be cancelled and I turned to virtual events as a way to connect with people and help them feel connected. It was purely a past-time of mine to keep co-workers engaged and connected. And who would have thought all the friends I'd make and wonderful people I'd meet along the way?

In March 2020, who would have thought that I'd start a business and get my ABC license to sell wine and launch a wine club? Not me!

But here I am. I have a web site. I have a DTC fulfillment plan. I know, "what IS that?!" I have a wine club focused on the same mission I set out for in 2020: to connect people. I use wine as my vehicle! I intend to host virtual and in person events to keep that mission alive. I want to introduce you to amazing wines from amazing people. And introduce you to them directly on occasion too!

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