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  • The Business of a Bundle: behind the scenes running a wine club

    Did you know my license to sell wine in California cost $1400? Or that I needed an in-home inspection by an ABC field rep to get that? Or that the ABC mailed each of my neighbors, telling them how to block my license from happening!? There are no shortage of headaches when you decide to sell some amazing wine! 
  • The Horrors of Shipping Wine

    My sad face when I have to pay to ship wine. Why DOES it cost so much to ship wine!?  First you have the weight & size~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-...
  • What Secrets Does Your Champagne Label Hold?

    Did you know that your Champagne label will tell you if your bottle is being sourced from a giant conglomerate or a small independent producer? It will also tell you how sweet the Champagne is. You just have to learn to read its secrets. Read on to learn more!
  • No Peeking! Quick guide on how guess when you can't see the label

    Blind tasting means that the wine labels are obscured from you and you don't know what is in your glass. Sometimes you might not even be able to see the color of the wine (if you're blind folded or the wine is in a black glass). Learn some tips to help you guess what's in your glass. Might be fun to try this at the next party you go to and impress your friends!

  • Worldwide Champagne Shortage

    Champagne is the new toilet paper. With impending Champagne shortages worldwide, will there be a rush on our favorite beverage soon?
  • The Worlds Happiest Accident: Champagne!

    Champagne was not invented, nor did it just happen overnight. What we know today as champagne was actually 400 years in the making!
  • How To Open Your Bubbles Safely

    Did you know that the average bottle of champagne (or other sparkling wine made in the "traditional method" is under 90 psi of pressure? That's more than a car tire! The corks themselves can travel at a speed of up to 25 mph, leading to as many as 24 champagne-related deaths each year! 
  • When to Aerate vs Decant Your Wine

    Your guide to what to decant, when and why! After reading this post, you'll be an expert on decanting and aerating and have all the know-how to make the call with your own wines.
  • Why Sustainable Farming Matters

    Ever wonder about the differences between natural, organic, sustainable, biodynamic and if certification matters? These are important initiatives combatting decades of industrial & chemical influences on our agriculture.
  • Tips to Host Your Own Blind Wine Tasting Party

    After hosting a recent blind champagne tasting event, I wanted to impart some of my learnings here. It was so much fun! I hope everyone gets a chance to attend or host a blind tasting!
  • The Wild Wild West of Wine:Paso Robles

    What makes Paso Robles wine country so amazing! How this region has redefined traditional French styles and blends, while creating a home for the creative winemakers!
  • Paso Roble Wines Styles Explained

    If you’ve never visited Paso Robles wine country, this is your guide to understanding the wine.