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  • No Peeking! Quick guide on how guess when you can't see the label

    Blind tasting means that the wine labels are obscured from you and you don't know what is in your glass. Sometimes you might not even be able to see the color of the wine (if you're blind folded or the wine is in a black glass). Learn some tips to help you guess what's in your glass. Might be fun to try this at the next party you go to and impress your friends!

  • Sweet Wines Make the Best Partners!

    The other night I hosted a virtual wine tasting session on sweet and fortified wines: what they are and how they are made. We had some questions around food pairings relative to sweet & fortified wines so I wanted to share my thoughts with you here. Read the full post to learn why sweet wines make the best partners for food and expand the way you think about their role on the table!
  • The Truth About Champagne Bubbles

    What do those bubbles mean and does smaller mean better?