Fall Wine Club Wines Announced!

As always, I'm really excited to announce the lineup for WineSkipping's fall wines! I'm also very excited to share with you a post featuring yours truly on Subkit. Read about my journey as an entrepreneur in the wine biz! 

Virtual Wine Tasting Parties

fall 2022 wines

The whole point of a club is to interact with others and feel like part of a community, right?! That's why with each WineSkipping wine club shipment, members are invited to join a virtual party to talk about the wines in a casual setting. Date and time for the next virtual pickup party to be determined!

If you love the idea and want more, members can enjoy a 20% discount on any of my virtual private tastings. Not ready to spring for that? You can join a public virtual food and wine pairing session (free to club members) on August 25

Social Wine Club & Community

Learn about and receive premium wines from boutique and sustainable wineries that you won't find in the stores. I travel across California and reach out to producers in other states to find the ones I'm most excited to share. Enjoy member engagement with complimentary virtual events and even meet the maker events! 

Next month I'll be sending wine club members wines from 3 small producers. All the wines were farmed sustainably or organically and cover a fun range of varietals: Picpoul Blanc, Counoise, Syrah. Here they are announced!

🍷2019 Highlawn Picpoul Blanc (white)

Only 200 cases of this delightful single varietal wine were produced. Hailing from southwest France this is not a wine you find often in the marketplace. I love it for its delightful balance of fruit and acidity. It has flavors that remind me of gooseberry (think pungent grassiness), lemon, green apple with some savory spices. Normally a very acidic grape, the intensity is rounded off nicely by 100% malolactic conversion which gives this wine some nice creaminess. I love it! Pairs well with high acid or very creamy foods - everything from salads to fettuccine alfredo. 

🍷2014 Bee Hunter Syrah (red)

Once you meet Ali and Andy of Bee Hunter you'll never forget them! They make a very impressive line up of wines despite very low production. This Syrah is one of my favorites! This is almost a "winter wine" with its smoky, earthy, tobacco qualities, black cherry and blueberry flavors. Tannins have had several years to soften out in this wine making it easy to drink. Aged wine lovers will really appreciate this one! Pairs well with heavy earthy meats or mushroom dishes. 

🍷2019 Cote West Counoise (red)

Here is your fun cousin of Pinot Noir! Ok not really a cousin, but think Pinot Noir and you get an idea of what this wine is like. This wine, with roots in the Rhone valley of France is a delightful easy-sipping red that can be enjoyed alone or with anything you'd pair Pinot Noir with (Thanksgiving dinner is a great idea!). Light bodied and light tannins with big juicy flavors of strawberry, ripe plums, with some smokiness. I hope you'll enjoy this wine as much as me! 

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