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  • All About PetNat, The Other French-born Sparkling Wine

    Pétillant-Naturel, or “PetNat” for short, is French for “naturally sparkling” and is the OG Sparkling Wine!
  • Champagne Alternatives, Save Money and Have Fun!

    If you know me, you know that bubbles are my favorite genre of wine, and that champagne is a big part of that! I do love my champagne! And with new...
  • Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    I love the holidays! As they creep up on us, I'm thinking about some of the best products I've come across in the last two years and would like to share them with you! There is something for every price range.
  • Winter Club Wines Announced!

    I'm so excited to share these delicious wines from small producers with club members!

    • 2021 Cote West Pet-Nat of Sauvignon Blanc (white)
    • 2020 Two Vintners Columbia Valley Grenache (red)
    • 2020 Ty Caton Petite Sirah (red)
  • Fall Wine Club Wines Announced!

    As soon as the weather cools down and we round the corner to autumn, club members will enjoy these wines for the fall!

    • 2019 Highlawn Picpoul Blanc (white)
    • 2014 Bee Hunter Syrah (red)
    • 2019 Cote West Counoise (red)
  • Wines of the Rhône Valley

    Did you know that every 13 seconds, a bottle of Rhone Valley wine being enjoyed someplace in the world? The Rhone is one of the major wine producing regions of France, often wrongfully overshadowed by Bordeaux or Burgundy. It's my favorite!
  • Is There Salt in Your Wine?

    Can your wine actually have sodium in it?!  Surprisingly, yes. This varies by varietal, root stock, soil, terroir and region however a "typical" American wine (take a Merlot from Napa for example) will have approximately 5 mg of sodium per 4-oz pour (40 mg/l). Whites in general are slightly higher. But there are wines with far more sodium than that. Read this post for how sodium and other salts find their way into a wine!
  • More Fun than a Barrel of Oak Chips

    Have you ever picked up on a subtle vanilla flavor in your wine? What about cloves and spices? That's not surprising as wine is often matured in oak barrels that share the self-same flavor compounds found in vanilla and cloves! And by "toasting" or firing the inside of an oak barrel, higher concentrations of these compounds are achieved!
  • Team Cork or Team Screw Cap: where do you land?

    2K years ago the ancient romans used cork to seal their wine. Today we still use cork to preserve our wine, but so much has changed. You have screw caps, glass and other manufatured products for wine sealing. Which is best? Which do you prefer?
  • What Wine When?

    95% of the wine sold commercially is intended for immediate consumption and not meant to age. If you let that $10 bottle of red blend sit around for 10 years, it will not get better. Read more to tell what happens to wine as it ages and what factors go into an "ageable wine".
  • The Business of a Bundle: behind the scenes running a wine club

    Did you know my license to sell wine in California cost $1400? Or that I needed an in-home inspection by an ABC field rep to get that? Or that the ABC mailed each of my neighbors, telling them how to block my license from happening!? There are no shortage of headaches when you decide to sell some amazing wine! 
  • The Horrors of Shipping Wine

    My sad face when I have to pay to ship wine. Why DOES it cost so much to ship wine!?  First you have the weight & size~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-...