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The wines chosen to be in the WineSkipping club shipments are special wines! I personally travel to each winery, meet the owners and winemakers and learn what makes them special. I try the wines and then I select my favorites that I'm most excited to introduce to you to!

The wineries are all small business, making small hand-crafted batches of wine you won't find in big box stores. They are farming the land ethically and sustainably, using low-intervention production methods. These are businesses you want to get behind!

I'm selecting

1) varietals that are interesting to learn about, and

2) more common varietals but are an exceptional expression that are must-tries in their category!

I seek out these producers, I hand-pick their wines, and I share their stories with you... Come on this journey with me!

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Learn all about the making of champagne and how it's different from other sparklers.

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What others are saying...

Elissa is one of a kind. She is so knowledgeable about wines and is poised, well educated and attentive while teaching her virtual wine classes. She had an answer for all our questions! Wine material was delivered in a fun way which made me & my mom really enjoy doing the class! We learned so much. I feel more confident tasting Pinot Noir now! Thank you Elissa.

Nicolle Laviolette

My 3 friends and I had a great time during Elissa's class. She did a great job of keeping us on task - which is remarkable given the wine we were drinking. She is knowledgeable and also listens to what we wanted to learn and was able to cater the wine selection to our wants. Thanks Elissa!

Megan Duvall

Elissa is amazing, fun, funny, knowledgeable, patient. The session was an amazing virtual event, and made everyone very comfortable. she took the time to explain a lot of things. can not wait to do more of these sessions!

Mehdi Daoudi

Elissa is a wonderful and knowledgeable host, and her sessions are custom-fit to each group, making for an engaging, comfortable, and fun setting. I learned a great deal and was impressed by Elissa's ability to meander back and forth between a well-structured lesson and the many questions and side-stories from the group. Highly recommend any and all of her offerings!

Hannah Moser

The food and wine pairing class was fantastic! Elissa did a great job of explaining the basics and then creating a hands-on experience for our group to taste and experiment! It was a really fun class for the whole group, and Elissa balanced encouraging us to have fun as a group along with providing an education. She was an incredible host and we all learned something and had a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to doing more classes with WineSkipping in the future!

Melissa Housman

I attended Elissa's champagne virtual class and it was great! Elissa is very knowledgeable on the topic, and it was fun to virtually share a glass of bubbles with some new friends. I'll definitely look for another class to take with her.

Jeanne F.

Elissa was very knowledgable and presented the information in a fun and easy way. I would high recommend this to anyone who wants a beginner intro to champagne and other sparkling wines!

Tristan R

My husband and I love WineSkipping's wine club! The club provides interesting and delicious wines that we wouldn't find on our own, offers high quality bottles for a great subscription price, and includes educational tasting notes that aren't too ambitious--we can't wait for the next shipment!

Maggie Astolfi

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